Hi, I’m Weston from Bangkok, Thailand. The city that well known in their fine art with may be the??most terrible Traffic Jam on earth. This country located in South East Asia, some where between India and south of China. I’ve been in business of exotic wood grips & holster since 2001.

eCommerce was the greatest opportunity for me and other small business, You can buy the item, use it, turn around and sell it for nearly the same price !!! Good bargain isn’t it ? And this you can do it too !! Presently, our? Exotic Wooden Grips, Stock &? Holster gain more popular among the officers & collectors worldwide. I also sell some?Clothing, Apparel and other various “Factory/Shop Surplus” items upon occasion.

I also can supply items in Lot Purchase / Wholesales Price with the Payment via my -= PayPal Verified =- Account !!! So you can be sure that all Transactions are Secure and Risk free !!

Any questions ??? Pls. contact by eMail. I am able to answer most questions within 10-12 hrs.?Please check back often! I always adding something new!

Thanks & Good Luck!

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