HMBT84 Holster & Magazine Pouch Browming BDA 3.8″ bbl. 9mm. Kruz, .380, .32 ACP NOT Grips – $26.95

HMBT84 Holster & Magazine Pouch Browming BDA 3.8″ bbl. 9mm. Kruz, .380, .32 ACP NOT Grips

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This Light-Weight form fitted holster molded to fit the side arm. It cut and molded to form fit the pistol as shown in the photos. It designed for thick wide belt for stable carry and can be use on DUTY belt too! …Their molded construction provide the nagging free carry.

* Holster with Retention strap will prevents the chance of “Fall-Out” “Lost” or “Snatching” of the weapon or Gun Lost in accident or car crash!
* Black Cordula nylon with bonded nylon stitch with Soft Cloth lined to protect the Gun’s finish and retain the resale value.!

* Steel reinforced “Thumb-Break” for easy & quick access !
* Covered thumb snap, no metal part rubbing the gun !

* High rise covered protects clothing from oil stain at the hammer/slide !
* Full slide covered & closed muzzle design to protects the gun’s finish & barrel !

* Covered trigger guard increases security !
* Molded construction allow to re-holster with one hand easily …that necessary in critical time or while …Adrenaline Surge !
* Made for each model at economy price, just fraction of the cost of the big name !

Another holster that protect the gun’s finish & prevent the gun lost !!
Top quality construction at an affordable price !!

Other Left Handed holster for major made & models available !
In stock & ready to ship !!
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Additional Details: If need Left Handed holster, pls. select in Drop Box

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