Thailand(Siam) has one of the biggest cities in the world. Their Bangkok capitol has a population approaching 8 million people (unofficially figure including their suburb?could be as high as 15 million!).Thailand is the world?s 50th largest country!?The city of Bangkok is the centerpiece of the country and listed as the 21st. most popular city in the world.

As surrounded by India & Burma on the West & North West, Laos on the North East and Cambodia to the South. Make Thailand one of the country that have broader exotic species vailable for the woodcrafts. Some definition would also include unusually figured woods and burls from more common species. The beauty of the Teak or unusual patterns like the Amboyna Burl make Thailand well know in their best available tropical exotic wood species!

The Exotic wood that available for making the pistol grips?

King of the forest – Teak
Queen of the wood – Amboyna Burl

– Black
– White
Indian Walnut
Burma black wood
Black Palm
Green eBony
Brown eBony

…and a few other?rare species …that?may available.

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