Fitting & Care

Fitting & Care for Exotic wood grips.

Unlike the rubber grips, hardwood grips are not always perfect fit to all the grips frame. Even the factory grips that cut in the different lot still not fit right on the frame.? That the reasons the old model S&W must have their serial number on the grips to match with each individual frame. Wooden grips have little tolerance and won’t? fit to the altered frame that been Re-Blue, Hard Chromed or Nickle Plated, as these processes have sanded out the frame and hardwood grips have very small margin left for the fitting between the thickness of the frame and side plate of the pistol.

Hardwood grips machined with very tight tolerances to the standard grip frames(Blued Frame) and mostly thay have some trouble with Stainless or Alloy frame. That’s the reason why every Gun Company cut the cost of fitting by change it to all Rubber Grips that are more flxible for the fitting.

Rarely a grip panel will come off the manufacturing line with some deviation, as most poor fit are more frequently caused by variation in the grip frame. This problem?often seen in Low End – Low Price pistols, mostly in their stainless frame,?the old pistols with nickel plated or?chromed?grips frame!?Even the late?model of COLT PYTHON, the king of revolvers do have the?variant grips frame too!

So, the grips may need minor fitting work on your gun. To avoid the outside finished damage, most gripssmith will move the Grip’s lock hole, by expand the alignment holes (pin holes) inside the panels by using the flat head screw driver (for minor work) or with the small Dremel tools or hand drill, if they have a lot of work to be done.

Opened back strap grips.

All of our wooden grips machined and fitted on the real grips frame. However on the opened strap(opened back strap) grips style. ?The grips may get Over/Under Hang with the frame while installed due to the?frame variation.

To get it done precisely, a small fitting may required. To avoid the outside finished damage, most grips smiths will expand the alignment holes (pin holes) inside the panels by using the small Dremel tools or hand drill.

After test that all the holes will be O.K., then fill the alignment holes with the wooden expoxy/gun bedding expoxy. Set it in place and tight wrap the grips to the frame with the rubber bands and leave it for a few hours/overnight. Then install the grips back with the grips screw again. Use the Purple Locktite #222(Temporary Tread lock solvent ) to retain the grips screws. Do not use the clear loctite or other stronger tread lock as it may jam & boned those grips screw(s).

Don’t forget to “Test Fire” your weapon after each new Grips installation. This to be ensure that every weapon will be ready & safely for use. You can do this by yourself or let the good gunsmith do it for you. This fitting may cost $30-60 more up to the of the difficulty.

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